• NGC is rapidly developing, gradually internationalizing, and diversifying. Working in such an enterprise makes me ambitious every day. I’m very proud that the components we manufacture are sent with gearboxes to their destinations around the world and then installed at wind farms which transport green energy to thousands of households.

    Production Manager
    Wei Yongqiang
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  • To provide clients with better power transmission solutions as an R&D engineer has always been my goal. My greatest satisfaction comes from my products being able to create greater value for more global clients. In a innovative team, I am full of passion. To lead the market through technology & to win trust with sincerity, you must get more with your heart!

    R&D Engineer
    Ma Maosheng
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  • Practical experience has taught me many things not mentioned in class, and I have matured during this process of learning. This experience has also helped me learn about the rules and reasons about life and the world, the significance of study, and the true meaning of life. Setbacks are frequent visitors in our lives, but not terrible things so long as we face them with courage!

    Assembly Technician
    Yang Ming
    Welcome to join us
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